Company Profile

Our company "Greenpower Nanohana" locates Toyama-prefecture in Japan,and specialized in agriculture and products high quality crops. Since our company was founded in 1996, we have been developing and producing rices.We especially comimit to agriculture whitch produce safe and delicious rice.

We make white rice mainly , and also Black and Red rice are popular products.

And We are puroduce Rapeseed oil. But it is only domestic selling in Japan.

Our Products from Japanese Rice
Rice Planting “TAUE”
Rice Harvesting“INEKARI”


Company name Greenpower Nanohana
Head Office 〒9390546 (Zipcode)
Mizuhashi-Kamisakuragi 107
Established in July.1996
Capital ¥5,000,000-
Employees 38 persons
President Shigeru Aoyama
TEL (main) +81-76-464-6160
Office hours JST 8:00-17:00 (mon.-Fri.)
Net Sales ¥327,687,140- (2017period)
Cultivate Area 3,900,000 (square meter)