About Toyama-city

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Toyama-city is the capital of Toyama Prefecture and faces Toyama Bay on the Sea of Japan.The Tateyama Mountains are well known for ski resorts as well as mountaineering.There are some historical villages found in the mountain area of Toyama. Gokayama is one of them, and it is designated as a World Heritage Site.

Rich & Clear Water from High-Mountain

Toyama ciy is famous with good rice production area in Japan.Because of rich and clear water from Northern Japanese Alps . Please appreciate the rice which grow in a high agricultural technology.

© Toyama Prefectural Tourism Association

Our rice

The main staple of the Japanese diet is rice – a hard kernel of the rice-plant. The rice-plant is cultivated in a rice-paddy (i.e. a field filled with water), giving rise to the name, "wet-land rice. "The image of rice-cultivation is one which permeates every aspect of Japanese life, symbolizing Japan's rich traditional-culture.